The Perfect Companion For Any Occasion

Donations: Donations should be in an unsealed envelope labeled gift and placed in the open. If you are planning to use a credit card please have your valid matching I.D and credit card out. I do not accept gift cards of any kind! Credit card must have your name on it. I also accept cashapp, paypal, and apple pay!  All visits with new friends require a deposit, this deposit will count towards your visit. Travel expenses and accommodations are  always additional, unless otherwise stated to you by me. If you are not in my current city and would like to see me you are responsible for airfare/travel expenses. I am only available for international travel with those I have previously met and got to know. My donations are very reasonable for the quality of service that is provided, no haggling will be tolerated. Donations are for modeling time and companionship only. Tipping is never required but always appreciated! Click Here For My Current Ad!

Meet & Greet Hour (300)  Sometimes meeting

someone new can be nerve wrecking, this hour is for

those of you who need an ice breaker.  Meet me for an hour so you can see just how beautiful I am, in person! This is not F.S

gold Hour (400)  Come explore my body while I explore yours! Let me give you that fresh relaxing experience you desire. My soft touch, talented mouth and smoking body will leave you craving for more!

Platinum Hour (500)  Passionate, sensual & wild... Those are the words that will stick in your mind after this session. Lets unleash each others kinky sides, explore each others bodies and discover what true satisfaction and ecstasy really feel like. Come experience some of my best qualities and possibly even see why I am known as the Greek Goddess!

Dinner Date (750) 

Meet & Greet Dinner Date. This  visit is two hours

Dinner & Fun (1400)

Dinner Date followed by a platinum hour for dessert!  This visit is three hours

Social Event (1500)

Need a wedding date, business event arm candy etc...  This visit is 5 hours with no private time

Date Night (2000)

Enjoy an evening out either a movie, concert, sporting event etc.. This visit is 5 hours allowing 1-2 hours of private/playtime

Overnight escapade (4,500)

Discover a different side to each other, the longer visit allows for us to learn just what each other like making this visits one of the best options! This visit is for 12 - 24 hours depending on your schedule!

Weekend getaway  (8,000)

Lets take a trip!  Need to stay close to home, lets do a staycation!  You and I for two full days enjoying everything about each other! This is my favorite visit!

Longer Arrangements

3 day trip (12,000) || 5 day trip (20,000)  || 7 day trip  (28,000)

Online Content

Send Photos - 5 for (120)  ||  Send Video - $300.00

Extended Visits

Available Packages