Cancelation - We all know things happen in life that cause plans to change. If you can not make your appointment please call or text me and let me know. I will not waste your time, please do not waste mine. If you do not cancel at least one hour prior to our appointment (four days if you booked an overnight) you will be charged a cancellation fee the next time you would like to see me which is +100. (500 overnight or longer) After you pay your cancellation fee your rate will go back to the normal rate.

Discretion - When calling please be discreet. Any talk of services over the phone will cause the call to be terminated. Along with discretion over the phone the same goes for in public. I will never approach you in public please do not approach me in public unless we have otherwise discussed it. Discretion is always a must!

Hygiene - I know some of you come from a hard day at work and may need to freshen up. I have no problem with you using my shower to freshen up. If you feel you may need to wash up please ask. I am always fresh and clean for you so please do the same in return. Nobody likes a stinky person!

Donation - Please the donation on the dresser/table in clear site when you come in. Do not say anything else about it. The donation is not to be discussed. All of my rates are posted and not negotiable so there should be no confusion. If a special is available it will be posted for that day. If the special is posted on an old ad and not my current ad then it is not available.